Private Treatment Price List

The following is a guide; you will be provided with an itemised and personalised estimate of your treatment costs after consultation with your dentist. Your written quote will be valid for six months.

  • PricePractice Plan*Saving
  • New Patient Consultation£49.50N/AN/A
  • product£0.00£0.00£0.00
  • Oral Health Examination£36.00Inclusive£36.00
  • Scale & Polish£43.00Inclusive£43.00
  • Antibiotics£8.40£6.72£1.68
  • Small x-ray£10.50Inclusive£10.50
  • Large x-ray£42.50Inclusive£42.50
  • Silver filling (Small)£74.50£59.60£14.90
  • Silver filling (Medium)£84.00£67.20£16.80
  • Silver filling (Large)£94.00£75.20£18.80
  • White filling (Small)£84.00£67.20£16.80
  • White filling (Medium)£116.00£92.80£23.20
  • White filling (Large)£139.00£111.20£27.80
  • Extraction (Planned)£96.00£76.80£19.20
  • Extraction (Emergency)£110.00£88.00£22.00
  • Extraction (Surgical/Wisdom)£140.00£112.00£28.00
  • Cosmetic Bonded Crown£464.00£371.20£92.80
  • Bridge (per unit)£390.00£312.00£78.00
  • Veneers£428.00£342.40£85.60
  • Dentures (Full/Full)£880.00£704.00£176.00
  • Emergency appointment (normal hours)£36.00Inclusive£36.00
  • Cosmetic Bleaching (full course)£495£396£99

* Practice Plan: a small monthly payment secures regular check-ups, special benefits and discounts as listed above, along with worldwide trauma and emergency callout insurance. Inclusive treatments only apply after payments have been made for 6 months. If you wish to discuss your treatment costs, please contact us.

Out-of-hours-care Please call us on 01530 415353 to listen to the arrangements for that day. Our registered private patients can use our private out-of-hours service. Members of Practice Plan can claim back the cost of emergency care (minus an excess of only £25).

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